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Copyright Transfer Form and Disclosure of Conflict of Interest

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Copyright transfer form


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Informed consent

Identifiable details, such as written descriptions, photographs, and pedigrees, should not be published unless the information is essential for scientific purposes and the patients or legal guardians provide written informed consents for publication.

Human and animal rights

While reporting an experiment involving human participants, it should be stated that the study was performed according to the Helsinki Declaration and approved by the institutional review board where the study was performed. In the case of an animal study, the study necessitates approval by the institutional animal care and use committee.

Copyright transfer

Citation or reproduction of previously published materials, such as illustrations or table, necessitates written permissions from the copyright holders. The manuscripts should not be submitted or published elsewhere. All publications become the permanent property of the Korean Society of Pediatric Emergency Medicine.

Disclosure of conflicts of interest

The authors should disclose their conflicts of interest (i.e., financial and personal relationships, academic competition, and intellectual passion) on the manuscript.

Authors’ name and signature

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